The brands leading the pack with regards to sustainability and marketing lead with creative brand marketing strategies and tactics to highlight their sustainable practices in their apparel, and their broader business practices.

If not yet already, sustainability will be everything to everybody and is no longer just a buzzword or a niche lifestyle choice. The world has largely embraced the notion that the old way of doing things in the fashion world must come to an end and consumers are voting with their dollars.

Brands that got in early on this notion continue to find innovative ways to capture socially conscious consumers by weaving sustainability messages together with the brand’s DNA for a unique expression around sustainability. 

Vivienne Westwood

This season, the label stepped this up a notch turning to fabrics such as recycled denim, upcycled deadstock, viscose, and organic silks. The collection was made entirely of 90% reduced impact materials. Across the brand’s social channels, we’ve seen messages of sustainability supporting the work of climate activists and more. 


To highlight the latest sustainable collection, the brand’s social content balances stories of the collection with interesting content to inspire and inform around the planet’s natural ecosystem. And in a recent runway show, we saw the design house use seaweed and eggs to create prints for a selection of fabrics. The organic color palette also used non-chemical dying processes and archival motifs applied to recycled fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool.

Stella McCartney 

The brand's ethos for sustainability is brought to life online, through a content strategy that incorporates Stella’s advocacy at climate conferences and partnerships with artists that create pieces with messages aligned to the brand’s values. Crafted with almost 80% sustainable materials Stella McCartney’s newest collections were sourced from farms with only the highest animal welfare standards and regenerative farming practices as well as regenerated nylon, environmentally-friendly viscose, and the trending fabric made from plastic and synthetic waste - Econyl.


Everlane’s launch campaign for their warming jackets made from recycled plastic draws attention to issues surrounding plastic, whilst showcasing their product as a solution to help make a change. The first run of the collection was made from 3 million recycled bottles. The experience for the consumer across their digital channels at the time of launch also delivered high-impact education, with executions such as an online ticker that tells shoppers how many plastic bottles had been manufactured over the duration of time they’ve spent on the site. Additionally, every SKU is associated not just with a retail price, but with how many bottles have been renewed with the production of that one item. A pop-up concept space with a series of events and panel discussions over the campaign period also helped to drive the message home.

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