In addition to paid channels, organic channels still can punch above their weight when it comes to driving sales growth through customer acquisition and retention. Although key social channels will evolve as new players join the scene, a solid strategy will never go out of style.

The most powerful content comes from a solid definition of a brand’s strategy. All-round effective strategy boosts the flow-on effect of organic traffic, captured as incremental sales on site. This is why organic strategy is the go-to for lean brands in their early phases of growth. So what are the keys to maximizing the opportunity?

Know your audience and your competitors

In short, the perfect content strategy brings to life compelling narratives that take into account who your customers are and how you meet their needs and understand their world, as well as what you do and how you do it, that’s unique to you.

Use social content analysis tools to find what your audience already resonates with the most across your channels and your competitors' channels. Then put a twist on these themes with new brand stories tied directly back to your brand DNA. The key is to always be optimizing for what’s driving engagement, but always putting a fresh spin on new content that builds your brand narrative over time.

Creativity is King

At the end of the day, red lipstick is red lipstick, right? But putting price and relative formulation aside, what makes us choose one over the other? We would say it’s the creative brand and product narrative surrounding the item you’ve chosen. Creativity can be your competitive advantage. And creative ideas that build on your brand and product story and brand DNA (whilst staying relevant to the needs and lifestyle of your audience) over time drive preference and loyalty.

Put a Solid Brand Strategy in Place

The biggest mistake new brands can make is not having a clearly defined brand strategy, before scaling their ad spend. Clients we’ve worked with invest in perfecting their brand strategy and immediately find once their strategy is on point, they have stronger differentiation and clearer messaging.

This results in:

* Boosted content to engagement

* Less reliance on sales promos to drive growth

* Stronger paid campaign performance

This is why getting the foundations right matters. We’ve been working with eCommerce brands to help define their brand. Statistics show that having and documenting a strategy gives you a 5x greater chance of being successful in brand your efforts. Presenting a coherent brand strategy across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%, driven by differentiation, perception of quality, consumer preference, trust, engagement.

The case for an effective brand strategy that underpins creativity and content are clear and one avenue to support lasting growth. If you’ve been thinking about nailing your brand strategy, story, and creative content campaigns, now is the perfect time to get started. We’ve helped countless eCommerce brands develop effective brand marketing strategies and welcome new inquiries. We’d encourage you to book a strategy session to see how we could help you.