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We blend timeless brand strategy principles with social-first content to take beauty and fashion brands to the next level


You have big dreams

From ruling the online market, to international retail success. You know your brand could go all the way. And a growing community of brand-proud fans is what will help get you there.


 So, what's holding you back?

Your team produces beautiful content but don't know how to effectively tell a deeper story. But relying on pretty pictures alone isn't enough to build meaningful customer connections that will propel your brand to the next level. While your team and digital agencies are great tactical experts, they're not masters of defining brand building strategies and nailing your story. 

Level up your brand strategy,
presence and stories

We deliver our unique brand expression system
that helps brands;

✓ Build a wider community of brand-proud fans
✓ Land retailer opportunities they’ve only dreamed of
✓ Drive more sales

“After spending over a decade working with established global brands, e-commerce start-ups and brand strategy agencies, I created our unique brand expression system to help founders level up their strategy, presence and story."
Effie Asafu-Adjaye, Founder & Director


Discover our unique brand expression system

Phase 1: Brand Principles
Stand out in a sea
of brands

We'll amplify what makes you one-of-a-kind by sharpening your brand strategy, message and story 

Phase 2: Creative Expression
Glow-up your visual

We'll refresh your visual identity to shift to reflect where you're going rather than where you started

Phase 3: Story Expression
Attract and build a community of brand evangelists

We’ll help your team create more meaningful content and launch new brand building campaigns by infusing your unique story and values across your brand channels

Phase 4: Activation
Empower your team to deliver exceptional work

We’ll allign teams to your brand vision and improve the calibre and consistency of their work
by providing implementation tools and production support

We'll customize the brand expression system for you

Our Strategists create a bespoke game plan, around the phases you need help with the most.
If you’ve come as far as you can on your own, it’s time for some expert help.



Position yourself for next-level opportunities

The brand expression system creates a cohesive brand presence, irresistible differentiation and a compelling brand story that just resonates. These are the foundations that attract a growing community of brand-proud fans, set you up to ace retailer pitches, secure press opportunities and attract brand partnerships that move the needle.

The missing link for success

Brands without a comprehensive system for their strategy, presence and stories struggle to attract customers, maintain loyalty and sustain growth. These brands rely on discounts and promotional offers to get attention, bringing only short-term gains. Without powerful differentiation, cheaper knock-offs begin to arise and people have no reason to choose their brand over the copycats. They eventually fail to dominate their local market or thrive on the international stage.


Get the best minds in the industry on your side

Beautiful Sparks is the only brand expression company that is the authority on how women seek beauty and fashion as the gateway for self care and self expression.

Our international team of Strategists have worked with world-class beauty and fashion brands and leading branding and ad agencies. Now, at Beautiful Sparks, we work with the next big D2C brands on their path to
becoming household names.


We're trusted by brands
in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.



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