December 11, 2023

From Chance to Strategy: 21 Must-Ask Questions for Beauty Brand Founders

The day-to-day of growing an indie beauty brand will keep you on your toes. With a never-ending avalanche of tasks crying out your name, it’s often hard to make the time and headspace to strategize and think ahead. In the fast-moving world of the beauty business, taking time to strategize can help give you the upper hand.

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November 21, 2023

Going Global: How to Launch Your Beauty Brand Internationally

Introducing your beauty brand to international markets is an exciting prospect. However, it requires careful consideration of regulatory compliance, understanding local consumer preferences, putting the right partnerships in place to ensure your beauty business is well-prepared for a new market launch. In this article, we cover how to launch your beauty brand internationally, from laying the groundwork to how to connect with your international audiences.

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November 4, 2023

7 Beauty Marketing Strategies: How to Build a Deeper Connection With Your Beauty Brand Audience

It might sound surprising, but some of the secrets to creating a meaningful connection with your brand's audience draw from the playbook of a therapist's relationship advice. There are 7 key strategies that beauty brand founders can lean on to foster authentic relationships, enhance brand loyalty, and ensure their brand resonates more deeply with their audience.

1. Master the science of storytelling
When you make people feel something, they’ll remember you. A 2017 report from the Harvard Business Review revealed that cortisol facilitates the formation of memories, and that cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin are released in the brain when we’re engaged with a story. While cortisol underpins memories, dopamine is the ‘feel-good’ hormone and oxytocin is associated with empathy. With this science in play, it’s evident how well-executed brand storytelling can deepen the bond between you and your audience—making them remember you, feel good about you, and better relate to you.

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October 28, 2023

Why Your Agencies and Partners Don’t ‘Get’ Your Brand

Many brand founders find themselves tearing their hair out when their teams and agencies aren't on the same page. Wasted ad spend, reshoots, reworks, and content that just misses the mark eats into their budgets, tarnishes their brand image, and confuses their customers.

But sometimes this can happen because founders make one mistake – they have no brand guidelines, but if they do have them in place, they often barely scratch the surface, limiting themselves to aspects like logos and color palettes instead of speaking to how to express their brand's essence across different mediums.

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September 29, 2023

Insights for Indie Brands: How to Outshine the Copycats

Picture this: you're an indie brand founder, and a manager from a global beauty giant buys your products to inspire their next launch. In another scenario, a top Amazon seller has your packaging in hand, sending it off to their manufacturer with hopes of mirroring your unique mold. Or how about this, poor-quality counterfeits are causing complaints, that you have to deal with. These challenges are all too common for emerging indie brands. With the line between inspiration and imitation being razor-thin and blurred.

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September 2, 2023

Double Trouble: How to Navigate the Demographic Divide

Some brands that first soared on Instagram are now facing a curious situation. Fast forward five years or so, and Millennials dominate their customer base. Then when these brands extended their reach to TikTok, they attracted a notably younger, Gen Z crowd.

Their challenge – How to cater to two distinct demographics while maintaining brand cohesion?

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August 14, 2023

How to craft an authentic brand story

A great brand story is more than just the tale of a founder, or why the products are so exceptional. It encapsulates what your brand stands for and how it aims to transform the world of its customers, and so much more.

The catch is, a brand story is one of the simplest things to our in place early on in your brand’s journey. But brands without a well-defined story tend to focus their social content heavily on their products, because there's no framework in place to help their team create content about anything else. And here’s the thing – this means they’re missing out on the leveraging their most powerful asset when it comes to truly building an engaged and loyal customer base of raving evangelists.

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July 26, 2023

The Key to Amplifying Your Brand: Empowering Your Social Media Lead

Diversify your approach to beauty content strategy beyond entertainment, inspiration, education, and promotion for success in the competitive 2023 marketplace.

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July 13, 2023

4 Signs It’s Time for a Beauty Brand Revamp and the Cost of Delay

In the fast-moving world of beauty, staying in step, or even ahead of the market, is key to truly thriving. As strategic consultants, we often identify classic signs that signal a beauty brand may need a little fine tuning to the brand's positioning, messaging, or visual identity—while maintaining what the founder and customers know and love about the brand.

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June 9, 2023

5 Brand Building Lessons from 2023’s Hottest Beauty Brands

Whilst there’s no magic bullet to charting your brand’s course to icon status, there are a few fundamentals that some beauty brands just getting started tend to overlook. But scaling beauty brands can master the art of brand building with a few foundational strategies. Here are some thought starters to help put the foundations in place;

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