Brands that craft content around authentic stories that showcase their unique brand values, missions, and Founder journey have the upper hand when it comes to cutting through and connecting with customers on a deeper level.

Here we discuss what we can learn from 3 disruptor brands who are making a name for themselves when it comes to stories that connect with and build community. These brands have successfully defined and amplified the soul of their brand, have an authentic story, and create unique brand-aligned social content that doesn't look and sound like everyone else.


Selfmade describes itself as the first emotionally intelligent personal care brand. They create face and body essentials that can be paired with online resources and a well-being app to create rituals that nurture physical and emotional well-being.

From the ins and outs of buffing and smoothing skin to how to shift into a more secure mindset with relationships, and the Founder's story of going from being bullied as a child to now a BIPOC Founder kicking goals, their content has substance. True to form, their strategy to engage their community is also stellar. From a book club that delves into emotional well-being titles to a Junior Advisory Board that comes together to share ideas and co-create with the founding team, building community has been key to the brand from Day 1.


Ruka is a black hair care brand changing the game. They prioritize healthy hair, reject harmful beauty standards, and aim to build a community that celebrates the cultural significance and versatility of Black hair.

Brands serious about building community do more than just speak about their products in their social content. Alongside core product content, Ruka sprinkles stories about hair freedom and hair liberation, how doing one's hair is an act of self-love, and they also put a spotlight on the stories of members of their "Co-creator" community. Their Co-creators road-test new products, share feedback and access perks, have launched a crowd-funding initiative, and host live hair and retail events.

Axiology Beauty

Axiology is a zero-waste makeup brand. Their brand creates plastic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free multi-use crayons and sticks for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

With the mission to end plastic waste in beauty, the brand galvanizes its community through content around brand-aligned social and environmental issues and the support of like-minded sustainable businesses. Refreshingly authentic, the content also offers a glimpse into the Founders' journey and behind the scenes with the team.

What can up-and-coming beauty brands learn from these leading examples?

  • Identify what makes your brand unique and what values it stands for. Consider how you can authentically weave these into your content and customer interactions.
  • Share the story of how your brand came to be, including the Founder's journey, mission, and values. Be honest and open in your storytelling.
  • Develop social media content that showcases your brand's unique personality and values. Consider how you can incorporate your community's feedback and input into your content.
  • Think about how you can nurture your community and build engagement. Consider hosting events, developing co-creator programs, and providing resources that are relevant and useful to your customers.

By taking these actions, beauty brands can deepen their connections with customers and establish a loyal community that is invested in their mission and values.

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