Not everyone enjoys the spotlight, and the idea of personal branding might spark different levels of enthusiasm among beauty brand founders. For some, it’s an exciting opportunity they're eager to embrace, while for others, it brings a bit of apprehension.

Calling it a "personal brand" might sound overly formal and a tad contrived. However, if you think about it, it's really about just being yourself, contributing to conversations, and adding value in your own unique way. Perhaps the concept of a personal brand deserves a rebrand. Here are the ways that we've seen founder's personal branding shine, on platforms like LinkedIn.

1. Why Your Magic Matters
You are the essence and beacon of your brand's values. Every time you step forward and share your voice — you're creating magic. This magic paves the way to attract like-minded retailers, investors, prospective new hires, press, and fellow founders who feel a deep connection with your story and values. It's about making more than just an impression; it's about making meaningful connections that resonate on a personal level.

2. Go Easy on ChatGPT (Unless it's finely tuned)
ChatGPT has indeed been a blessing for those who don't identify as writers. However, without careful customization to align with your unique voice, it may end up diluting the authenticity of your message. The default output of ChatGPT, recognizable by seasoned writers and marketers through its overuse of emojis, lengthy content, and dictionary-like language, lacks the personal touch that makes your content distinctly yours. It's crucial to refine and personalize AI-generated content to ensure it truly represents your heart and soul.

3. Simply Documenting Your (Unfiltered) Journey Works
There's immense power in simply sharing your journey—your experiences, learnings, and observations, including the less glamorous aspects. This authenticity truly resonates with people and fosters genuine online connections. It's not about performing or crafting an idealized image for the public. By being transparent about your process, your achievements, and your setbacks, you invite your audience into your world, allowing them to connect with you on a human level.

4. Platform Relevance Matters
When considering how to share your content, it's essential to think about the platform. LinkedIn, for example, is not the place for direct product promotions like those you might post on Instagram. Instead, LinkedIn is about sharing the deeper narrative—your personal or business journey that led you to that post. People on LinkedIn are looking to engage with content that offers insights into your creative process, the inspiration behind your ideas, and what you've learned along the way. They're interested in the story behind your product lineup and what you envision for the future (think about how to do this without divulging too many of your trade secrets).

5. Show Up Before You Need to Show Up
Commit to being present and building your personal presence proactively, not just when you're on the verge of selling your business, seeking investors, or launching your book or online course. Building for the future means consistently showing up, sharing your story, and engaging with your business community. This sustained effort demonstrates your dedication to your brand and helps to cultivate an engaged following that believed in your vision from the start. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to attract more prospective new hires on LinkedIn when you already have an engaged following that already understands what your brand is all about?

Navigating your personal branding journey is more about authenticity than crafting a persona. It’s sharing the real stories of entrepreneurship, the challenges and triumphs, that truly resonate. Your personal brand is essentially your unedited story, inviting others to connect with the genuine spirit behind your beauty brand.

At Beautiful Sparks, we’ve mastered the art of beauty brand content strategies and have a system to translate this same process to the personal branding of the founders themselves. If you're interested in discovering how this works, you’re welcome to get in touch.

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Author: Effie Asafu-Adjaye
Effie Asafu-Adjaye is the Founder of Beautiful Sparks. Beautiful Sparks helps beauty and fashion businesses get more fanatics in love with their brands, by refining their brand strategy, messaging, branding, content storytelling, and community-building strategy. Read more about Effie here. Find her on Linkedin.